ZENITH launches the first DEFY 21 ULTRAVIOLET purple watch

If the frequency of visible light is used to define all the colors that we can perceive with the naked eye, the frequency of violet is the highest and beyond this frequency is invisible ultraviolet light. In history, it once became the royal family's exclusive color with its rare and unique beauty; now, from the sports car to the high-definition clothing field,replica watches its special temperament of mysterious rebellion is more favored. But in the mechanical watch industry, the application of purple is still rare. Always committed to Zenith's constant innovation, I have boldly chosen this elegant color with a strong personality to open a new chapter for the DEFY 21 high-frequency chronograph movement.

The new Zenith DEFY 21 ULTRAVIOLET watch, featuring a magnificent luxury purple and the brand's revolutionary DEFY El Primero 21 chronograph movement, set another precedent in the field of watchmaking. The timing accuracy is 1 / 100th of a second and the vibration frequency is up to 50Hz which is amazing for both visual and mechanical performance.

Across the hollow dial, against the blue scale bezel and the three blue chronograph dials, the vibrant purple movement is clearly visible, and the hollow beveled cue shows the DEFY 21's unique avant-garde movement concept. The 1 chronograph hand.fake watches 100 of a second with a white needle tip makes a rotation around the dial every second. In addition to the DEFY 21 watch in El Primero's 50th anniversary gift box, the DEFY 21 Ultraviolet is the brand's first DEFY 21 watch with a skeleton dial and a closed chronograph.

The faceted case with a diameter of 44 mm is completely matte sandblasted and emits a deep titanium luster, which is in stark contrast to the purple movement cue. The skeletonised movement features a multi-faceted purple style from warm to refreshing and features a black rubber strap covered with a purple textured effect to create a unique and dynamic style.